Learn Excel – “See all Pivot Items with Vlad Smirnov at ModelOff”: Podcast #1839


Sometimes a Pivot Table is an intermediate step on the way to something bigger. ModelOff finalist Vlad Smirnov is creating a reserve booking for risky loans at a bank. His SumProduct ModelOff ModelOff is a worldwide championship for financial modelling in Excel. 16 finalists were flown to NYC in December 2013 to compete head-to-head. I(…)

Learn Excel – “Too Many INDIRECT Slows Calculation”: Podcast #1824


Today Bill looks at Extreme Excel. It seems that Abhijeet took INDIRECT to the extreme – 1200 Formulas, Back

Learn Excel – “Fill AA99D Series”: Podcast #1801


Let us suppose that you have serial numbers like “AA10D”, “AA11D” and what you’d like to do is quickly fill Back

Dueling Excel – “Average by Category Excel 2003”: Podcast #1800


Today, in Duel 142, we start back in Excel 2003 to create an Average by each Category that will work Back

Dueling Excel – “Show Baseball Innings as 7.1”: Podcast #1755


Baseball Statistcal Averages and Microsoft Excel – on The Same Team.

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