Dueling Excel – “The Electoral College”: Podcast #1571


The Electoral College and Using The Numbers

Learn Excel 2010 – “Every Seventh Item”: Podcast #1564


Finding Every ‘Nth’ Item and More!

Looking Up Multiple Criteria with INDEX and SUMPRODUCT


JP Pinto won the fan-favorite Great White Shark award for his previous post about Cascading Validation Lists. The folks at the Office Online blog asked JP to do a new guest post for the Excel blog and JP’s post on using INDEX and SUMPRODUCT to do a two-criteria lookup is now available here. This looks(…)

From ‘Smitticisms’: “IF Statements and LOOKUPS”


 Smitty writes: “This article will focus on the appropriate use of IF statements, and also show you when it’s better to move into more robust formulas like LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH.”  …To Continue on with Smitty’s Tutorial click here .

From ‘The Data Specialist’: “A look at the VLOOKUP function”


From ‘The Data Specialist‘ on WordPress comes an Introduction to VLOOKUP with a comparison to INDEX/MATCH: “Since Bill Jelen (MrExcel) launched a VLOOKUP week, I figured it was a good occasion to take a look at this function and also compare it with the INDEX/MATCH alternative. In order to prevent my post from being too long, I(…)

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