Dueling Excel – “Quantity By Day”: Podcast #1721


Quantity by Day – Easy, right? No, not this time…

Dueling Excel – “Highlight Open Items after 4 Days”: Podcast #1717


Dueling Excel looks at Conditions and Causes – And NO VBA!

Future IF – 1041 – Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast


Mario has built a great nested IF formula for assigning points to soccer games. However, the formula is calculating 1 point for both teams for all unplayed games. In Episode 1041, I take a look at how to modify the original formula to calculate nothing until a score has been entered. This blog is the(…)

Episode 870 – GetPivotData


You could solve yesterday’s podcast using the often-cursed-at, but seldom-understood GETPIVOTDATA function. In Episode 870, how to use GETPIVOTDATA to return the grand total and also using =IF(ISBLANK to clean up stray results below the pivot table. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from MrExcel. Download a new(…)

Episode 767 – #VALUE Errors


A question asks how to avoid #VALUE errors when a formula refers to a cell with a blank text value. In Episode 767, I will take a look at how these blank cells come to be, how to work around the #VALUE error and even a different approach to prevent the root cause of the(…)

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