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Learn Excel – “Eliminate Worksheet Bottlenecks with Fast Excel V3”: Podcast #1892


Microsoft Excel MVP Charles “Fast” Williams just released V3 of his Fast Excel add-in. I had the opportunity to see Charles demo this product recently in Amsterdam and it blew me away. Today, Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast #1892 is a review of the Fast Excel add-in and shows some of my favorite features of the(…)

Learn Excel – “Crazy Macro Recorder Shenanigans”: Podcast #1885


Does that really say, ‘Shenanigans’? Back

Learn Excel – “Put Pages of Text in One Cell”: Podcast #1866


Mike asks how he can hide 100 lines of Text from Word in a single Excel Cell. When the Cell is selected, the Text will appear. Back

Learn Excel – “Password to Open Excel File”: Podcast #1862


Chuck from Florida asks how to require a Password to open an Excel file. Using Protect Workbook does NOT solve this question, but Back

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