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Dueling Excel – “Unmatched Debits & Credits”: Podcast #1872


In Duel #156 we have a list of debits and credits. For each amount, match it with the next matching negative amount. After doing all of the matches, Back

Learn Excel – “200 Checkboxes in Excel”: Podcast #1871


Catherine is building a risk assessment tool in Excel. She needs to add 200 checkboxes to a worksheet, but this is Back

Learn Excel – “Tardy 4 Times in 8 Weeks”: Podcast #1870


Sunnee asks if there is a Formula for identifying people who were tardy more than three times within an eight week period. Provided the Data is sorted from earliest to latest, Back

Learn Excel – “Self-Maintaing Lookup Table”: Podcast #1868


Enter a product on Sheet 1. You want a VLOOKUP Formula to grab the description from a Lookup Table on Sheet 2. However, if the product is missing from Back

Learn Excel – “Put Pages of Text in One Cell”: Podcast #1866


Mike asks how he can hide 100 lines of Text from Word in a single Excel Cell. When the Cell is selected, the Text will appear. Back

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