Trueling Excel – “Math in Excel”: Podcast #1844


Today, in the spinoff series “Trueling Excel” Episode #146, 8 year old ‘ExcelisFunner’ joins Mike ‘ExcelisFun’ Girvin and Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen to show them a few math tricks in Excel! Back

Learn Excel – “Hide Values in Formula Bar?”: Podcast #1827A


Episode #1827A: Back to the Microsoft Ad: can you select a cell and not have the value appear in the formula bar? Yes. Also, a Microsoft PR guy claims the ad is Back

Learn Excel 2013 – “Converting Units by Cross Multiplying and Cancelling Units”: Podcast #1723


Was it Middle School or was it High School… hmm…

Learn Excel 2013 – “Is 26×26 Letter Grid, No Repeats Impossible?”: Podcast #1701


Can We…Will We Finally Prove This: Possible / Impossible? Yes.

Learn Excel 2013 – “26×26 Letter Grid & No Repeats-Both Ways?”: Podcast #1700


Testing Math and Probability Skills…and More!

Learn Excel from MrExcel