Learn Excel – “Group & Sort Dates in Power Pivot”: Podcast #1886


When you run your Data through PowerPivot, you can not group daily dates up to Months & Years as you can with a regular Pivot Table. Back

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Does that really say, ‘Shenanigans’? Back

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DRM-Free Day, Mystery Spaces in Excel and Free Stuff Today! Read On!

Dueling Excel – “Working on the Railroad”: Podcast #1883


Today’s question for Duel 158: “You have to rent rail tank car #123 for a 3 month period. The daily rate changes twice ; once in

Learn Excel – “VLOOKUP into Subtotaled Data”: Podcast #1882


On Sheet 1, you have Customer Data with Subtotals added by the Subtotal command. On Sheet 2, you have a list of

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