Learn Excel – “Unwind Data Using INDEX”: Podcast #1890


Ryan has a Data Set where all of the fields are going down Column A and he would like to take this Column of Data Back

Learn Excel “Replace Blank Cells with Zero” Podcast #1888


I used to solve this problem with Home, Find & Select, Go To Special, Blanks, OK, 0, Ctrl+Enter. There is a much faster way, Back

Dueling Excel – “Override Calculation When 2 Conditions are Met”: Podcast #1859


Today in our ‘Dueling Podcast’ #151, lets consider that we have a Formula doing a calculation. If both input cells are 0, the Formula needs to use an override. Now, this problem seemed to be rather straight-forward… Back

Learn Excel 2010 – “VLOOKUP Into A Range of Zipcodes”: Podcast #1676


Find the Zip Code [Postal Code] That Fits!

Learn Excel from MrExcel – “Floating Box Visible While Scrolling”: Podcast #1660


A little VBA in a Module and Ta-Dah – Floating Message!!

Learn Excel from MrExcel