Learn Excel – “Group & Sort Dates in Power Pivot”: Podcast #1886


When you run your Data through PowerPivot, you can not group daily dates up to Months & Years as you can with a regular Pivot Table. Back

Learn Excel – “GetPivotData to Solve Impossible Pivot Table”: Podcast #1873


Rekha viewed ‘Learn Excel from MrExcel‘ Episode #655 where I used Group Field in a Pivot Table to create a year-over-year report. But Rekha needs Back

Business Intelligence Bootcamp April 2014


This 3-day event is aimed squarely at business analysts and managers who find it increasingly necessary to become more efficient at working with “big data” tools traditionally reserved for IT professionals. Excel MVPs Bill Jelen (MrExcel) and Mike Alexander (DataPig Technologies)  guide you through the mysterious world of Microsoft’s new BI Tools from a business analyst’s point of view. (…)

Learn Excel – “Price List with PowerPivot” – Podcast #1734


More PowerPivot Tricks from MrExcel!

Learn Excel 2013 – “Sort Pivot Table Text Dates”: Podcast #1679


Dates in Text Format in my Pivot Table! We can fix that!

Learn Excel from MrExcel