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Data Pasted to Excel Starts Splitting at Comma?


          Usually, you grab text from Notepad or Email or a web page, paste to Excel, and it all stays in one column. But…one day, late in the afternoon, the pasted data starts automatically parsing into separate columns!     Here is the deal… I bet you did a Text to(…)

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Michael has Data in Column A. He needs to extract everything after the dash to Column B. The Episode #1880  podcast shows four different methods.

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Every once in a while, you run into ugly Data Sets and this one qualifies.  In ‘Dueling Excel’ Episode #154, we find that someone decided it would be brilliant to Back

Dueling Excel – “Dateify with 0000\/00\/00”: Podcast #1840


In today’s Dueling Excel Podcast #145, the goal is to use a Formula to convert 20131220 to a real Excel Date. Back

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Chris has 400K records from the Board of Elections. The Date of Birth field is a string of Back

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