Opening Balance VLOOKUP – 1115 – Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast


Brett from Australia asks how to format a date to include the words Opening Balance so that he can do a VLOOKUP into a report. The format is easy, the VLOOKUP is tougher. Episode 1115 shows you how. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel 97-2007 from MrExcel. Download a(…)

Episode 766 – Hexadecimal Leading


It is Memorial Day in the U.S. Since most people are out at a picnic instead of at work today, I tackle an incredibly obscure problem. How can we make sure that Hexadecimal numbers have leading zeroes? Episode 766 will take a look at the HEX2DEC, TEXT, and RIGHT functions. This blog is the video(…)

Episode 753 – Text Date/Time


When Romas sent in the question for podcast 751, I couldn’t tell from the screenshot if his data actually was date/time or text that looked like a date/time. In Episode 753, I take a look at how to tell if the cell contains a date or something that looks like a date. You will also(…)

Episode 748 – Pivoting Text


Terry called in with a question where she wanted to use a pivot table to show text fields from a database. While this question initially threw me for a loop, we did end up with a workable pivot table that showed off text. Episode 748 shows you how. This blog is the video podcast companion(…)

Episode 480 – Text Dates


After importing data, your numbers and dates might be stored as text. While newer versions of Excel allow you to solve the numbers stored as text easily, the exclamation point dropdown never appears for the dates stored as text. Episode 480 takes a look at several methods for solving the problem. This blog is the(…)

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