TimeWarp with Bill Jelen: “From 1979 – VisiCalc and LOOKUP”!


Before Excel…Before Lotus…there was VisiCalc.

VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 Grand Finale / Gran Final / แกรนด์ฟินาเล่


A Thank you with one last video – about VisiCalc from 1979? Yes!

Learn Excel 2010 – “Consolidate and Lookup”: Podcast #1535


Use the Consolidate Function with a LOOKUP to get the data!

Learn Excel 2010 – “Compare 2 Lists”: Podcast #1534


Compare What was Added, Deleted or Changed – via a VLOOKUP!

From Oscar Evia: “Identificar los errores más simples de la funcion BUSCARV y como corregirlos”


Trouble-shooting VLOOKUP errors and offering solutions – Spanish

Learn Excel from MrExcel