Episode 421 – Recent Files


This netcast has a couple of tips from Tools – Options – General. First, learn how to control the number of worksheets in your new workbooks. Second, learn how to increase the number of files in your recently used file list. Plus a sneak peak in Episode 421 of how the Recently Used File List(…)

Episode 400 – OffSheet Precedents


It is a real pain to try to trace precedents that are on other worksheets or in other workbooks. Episode 400 shows some formula auditing tricks, including a trick to see all of the precedents on other worksheets. This is our 300th episode! This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel(…)

Episode 379 – Offsheet Validation


Yesterday’s netcast showed how to set up data validation to create a dropdown for a cell. The one problem is that someone might inadvertently delete a row from your list of values. Technically, Microsoft says that the validation list can not be on another worksheet, but Episode 379 shows you the workaround. This blog is(…)

Episode 354 – Page 3 of 12


Are you frustrated that as you print each worksheet in a workbook, the page numbers constantly start over at page 1? Use Group mode to have your page numbers appear correctly when printing many sheets. Episode 354 shows you how. This blog is the video podcast companion to the book, Learn Excel from MrExcel. Download(…)

Episode 341 – Printing Row Numbers


How to print your worksheet with the row and column headings visible. Episode 341 shows you how to make your printout look just like your Excel screen, plus two reasons why you would want to do this. Learn how to print formulas instead of values and how to print your cell comments at the bottom(…)

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