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Looking for links that were on the MrExcel homepage?
The links are listed alphabetically here.

  • Check out the free computer and industry magazine subscriptions available at mrexcel.tradepub.com.
  • Congratulations to Jim Rosen, Dan Lance, and Angela Babbo - winners in our March Madness Competition. See the Complete Results.
  • Congratulations to the winners in our Ideazon contest: Jason O'Neal, Randy Maskell from Arizona, Jeffrey Burke from Massachusetts, Maurice Story, Bud Comes, Age Grigson, Michelle Delzer and Kerry Labay all won an Excel Keyboard from Ideazon.
  • Excel 2003 users who use =RAND(): Read the bug notice posted on 12/11/03.
  • Follow the MrExcel Softball team - the Toronto 'Cellers.
  • Juan Pablo is also posting daily tips in Spanish.
  • We need your help! I am writing an article and need 1000 Excel users (of all skill levels) to take this 30 second poll.


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