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  "OneNote is the glittering
new jewel in Office 2003".

        -Bill Jelen, MrExcel

Unleash the Power of OneNote

"Organize Your Life!"

Learn to organize your life with the best new product from Microsoft in years! Eliminate the scraps of notepaper that litters your office. Organize everything neatly in OneNote. OneNote is awesome on either a tablet PC or a traditional PC.

"The voice recording feature enables you to take awesome meeting minutes. Instantly find any part of a conversation. OneNote is invaluable in the Office."

Use OneNote at home, school, or in the office. OneNote organizes typed notes, ink notes, audio notes, video notes in one convenient place. If you find an interesting website, clip a portion of the website to OneNote and OneNote will remember the URL for you.

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About the Authors
Kathy Jacobs fell in love with OneNote while working on her book, Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint. Using OneNote to organize her life, she decided to put together a book on this awesome product. Kathy is the principal behind the website where you can find new stationary files, articles, and other OneNote related information.

Bill Jelen deems OneNote to be the brilliant jewel of Office 2003. He is a frequent guest on Computer America radio and TechTV. When he is not touting the benefits of organizing your life on OneNote, he is president of MrExcel Consulting with a staff of VBA developers who design first-class solutions for clients around the world. Jelen is the author of several books on Microsoft Excel.

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"The only book to truly cover every aspect of the SP1 release of OneNote."

Contents at a Glance
1. What's OneNote?
2. The OneNote Interface
3. Using OneNote with a Tablet PC
4. OneNote Audio and Video
5. Side Notes
6. Saving OneNote Content
7. Sharing Notes
8. Create Your Own Stationary
9. Using OneNote with Outlook 2003
10. To Do Lists in OneNote
11. Using OneNote for Research
12. Using OneNote with PowerPointbr> 13. Using OneNote with Word
14. Using OneNote with Excel
15. OneNote in the Classroom
16. Using OneNote at Home
17. Using Office VBA to Programmatically interact with OneNote

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Awesome Review in
We were thrilled when computing pioneer Jerry Pournelle wrote a review of OneNote in the March issue of Jerry wrote that OneNote can become a way of life - a combination word processor and freeform database. Jerry envisioned such a program in his 1972 novel! He raved about the ability for networked computers to make shared notes - as if dozens of people were able to stand at a whiteboard.

Jerry closes the review by noting that "OneNote has inspired several books. So far I have found Jacobs and Jelen's Power OneNote, and their web site ( ), the most useful. Make no mistake, if you adopt OneNote you’ll probably need this book". Our thanks to computing legend Jerry Pournelle for this great review.

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"The only resource to break the code on using Office VBA to send content to OneNote!"

Product Details
Paperback: 299 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1 x 9 x 6
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books; ISBN 1932802029 (Jan 2005)
Price: $19.95

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