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  "Build awesome
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        -J.G., Texas

Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint

"Learn the best tips and techniques to increase your PowerPoint skills."

Learn PowerPoint from a recognized expert. Start projects on a better footing, finish them quicker, test them better, and share the information in a way your audience can understand and accept. Covers PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2002, and 2003!

"Use PowerPoint in ways you never imagined: Create websites, reports, graphical essays, and much more."

This book will teach you how to design your presentations to meet your audience’s needs. You will learn the best tips and techniques to increase their PowerPoint skills. You can learn to use PowerPoint in ways they never imagined were possible (such as for informational kiosks, games, websites). The reader will learn how to create websites, reports, graphical essays, and much more. After reading the book, the reader will know how to share their results with others without pulling their hair out.

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About the Author
Kathy Jacobs has 20 years in the computer and training fields. She got into the PowerPoint business while developing training materials for several major companies. She founded her website,, to help others learn from her experiences. She was named a PowerPoint MVP by Microsoft in the Spring of 2003. Kathy shares her knowledge regularly on the PowerPoint newsgroup, as well as via a number of on-line forums and mailing lists. She does consulting on developing and improving PowerPoint presentations and applications, as well as training PowerPoint users of all levels.

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Comments from Readers
"I bought your book some time ago and am half way through it. It really helped improve my PowerPoint skills and I was able to come up with a good presentation for my boss. I look forward to reading the rest of your book." - J.L.

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"Real methods that will get you organized, ordered and confident."

Contents at a Glance
Chapter 1. What Can I use PowerPoint For?
Chapter 2. Developing the Content
Chapter 3. Developing the PowerPoint File(s)
Chapter 4. Presentation Fonts
Chapter 5. Colors and Color schemes
Chapter 6. Make it Move!
Chapter 7. Adding Movies
Chapter 8. Timing
Chapter 9. Presentation Linking
Chapter 10. PowerPoint and Office
Chapter 11. Keeping your file the right size
Chapter 12. Printing
Chapter 13. Saving your Presentation
Chapter 14. For Presenters: Getting Ready to Present
Chapter 15. For Kiosks: Getting Ready to Run
Chapter 16. Sharing Presentations
Chapter 17. Creating Your Own Template
Chapter 18. Producer and similar products
Chapter 19. Macros in PowerPoint
Appendix A: Where to get more help
Appendix B: Shortcuts for Presenters
Appendix C: Hardware Considerations for PowerPoint
Appendix D: The most common time wasters and their solutions

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Product Details
Paperback: 480 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1 x 9 x 6
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books; ISBN 0-9724258-6-1 (May 2004)
Price: $29.95

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