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How do you get 150 CPA’s and Accountants to Laugh their Heads off while increasing productivity?


Bring in MrExcel (Bill Jelen) and see.
Bill Jelen is a real-life corporate suit to web entrepreneur. He’s an Excel Genius with one of the fastest growing businesses in Northeast Ohio. His presentations and seminars have had CPA’s and accountants Laughing Out Loud for the last five years.

He can take a subject as dry as pivot tables and turn it into a fun learning experience that you can’t forget. Not only that, but your attendees will go home with tricks and tips that will astound and amaze the savviest Excel Expert.

A Sampling of Bill Jelen's Most Popular Spreadsheet Topics

Look Who Stripped the Veil From Excel!
Only one person could do it. He's "Mr Excel" himself, Bill Jelen. And he has written Mr Excel ON EXCEL , heralded as the "Excel Bible," published in April 2003 through Holy Macro! Books. No one in the world knows more about the wily ways of Excel than Bill Jelen, whose wildly popular website has taken the computer world by storm for its Excel tips, books, self-help resources, free tech help and consulting.

Accounting Scandals: What are the secrets of Excel?
Can you prevent auditing mistakes and win over investors? Excel auditing capabilities are unveiled and detailed in Jelen’s books.

Why outsource your IT Support?
Find out why the trend is away from the internal IT department and toward outsourcing. A virtual programmer keeps the consultant off the payroll and is quicker, better, less expensive, and doesn’t take up equipment and a cubicle. Traditional on-site consultants charge $100/hr. for a minimum of 40 hours and can string out the work as long as they can.

Two ways to program any solution - the easy way or the right way
“Having worked in both the IT department and the 10 years in accounting and finance, I know how bad code complicates your job. Due to the incredible backlog in IT departments, most programmers will take the five minute solution instead of the 60 minutes solution. However, if the accountant has to use this program for the next five years, 24 journal entries a day. That is 5 years x 250 work days x 24 journal entries x 3 extra clicks x 5 seconds each for 125 wasted hours over the next 5 years. The programmer has to program it ONCE, and the accountant has to use it 30,000 times, it always makes sense to avoid the easy way and program it the right way.

Excel 2003 – why upgrading won’t help you get the most from Excel
With Microsoft Office 2003 hitting the market in July, Bill Jelen is collecting survey results from 1,000 respondents to determine the extent of Excel knowledge and whether shelling out $100 is worthwhile for less than a dozen new features in the 2003 upgrade. So far Jelen's survey is finding that less than half of these Excel users are not making use of the incredibly powerful features that they already have— but they don't know how to use! Go to (you will have to vote before you can see the results to date)

Bill Jelen

"Mr Excel" Bill Jelen is an expert consultant on the uses and hidden capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Based in Uniontown, Ohio, Jelen takes his solutions on the road as a speaker and trainer, explaining how 500 million Excel users across every industry known to man can take tedious tasks down to a simple button click. Jelen is the author of "Mr Excel ON EXCEL," illustrating 147 power tips and techniques for Microsoft Excel, and "Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel" - covering the ins and outs of the Data menu in detail. His Excel solutions portal,, gets 10 million pageviews, increasing each year. The message board at is staffed by hundreds of Excel gurus who answered over 30,000 Excel and Excel VBA questions last year. MrExcel Consulting writes custom VBA Excel solutions for hundreds of clients around the world.
Contact: Bill Jelen 13386 Judy Avenue NW, P.O.Box 82, Uniontown, OH 44685;
online at: ; and by email at



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