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Dave asks: I have a worksheet with monthly columns of data in B through M. The total is in row 34. In column N, I entered a formula to calculate the percentage of the total for column B. I entered a formula of =B4/B34. Since I have about 25 cells I want to reference cell B34, when I try to copy the formula down to the next 24 cells holding the control key, it simply skips the same number of cells and divides the total by the wrong cell (not B34).

I solved this by placing dollar signs ($B$34) and then copying down, but when I try to copy everything and set up the next month, it copies $B$34 to the next month also. This is wrong because my new sales total is C34 not not B34.

Do you know how I can get around this?

You'll notice there are two dollars signs in $B$34. Each dollar sign holds one portion of the address as fixed or "absolute". The $34 says "always point to row 34". The $B says "always point to column B". Change you $B$34 to B$34 in the formula. You can then copy the formula, it will always point to row 34, but will point to new months as you copy the formula over.

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