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  "Learn Excel through
real-life classroom
-Bill Jelen,

Excel for Teachers

"Learn Excel from the context of real classroom situations!"

If you try to learn Excel from an accountant, you may know how to build a financial statement but will never learn how to build a gradebook. The problems in this book were developed by real classroom teachers to address needs in their classroom.

In the course of learning how to build a gradebook, classroom library database, match fact checker and more, you will learn every major feature in Excel.

The book can be used on three levels:
  • To get an introduction to Excel, download the 25 sample files and start using them in the classroom.
  • Read the chapter to understand how the file was built so that you can develop similar workbooks.
  • Advanced readers can delve into "Excel Details" sections in some chapters to learn deep features in the product. If you master all of the Excel details sections, you are on your way to being your school's guru in Excel.

"Learn from 3 Teachers and MrExcel"

About the authors:
  • Colleen Conmy has been a teacher since 1993. She currently is working as the Middle School Instructional Technology Coordinator at Kent Place School in Summit, New Jersey.
  • Bill Hazlett has over 30 years of high school classroom experience. After retirement, he now teaches algebra part time at the University of Akron.
  • Adrienne Soucy has 13 years experience in a first grade classroom. She currently is the reading specialist for at-risk students at Jimtown South Elementary in Elkhart, Indiana
  • Bill Jelen is MrExcel - co-author of nine books about Microsoft Excel.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Calculation Basics
  • Multiplication Tables - Introduces the concept of Absolute & Mixed cell references
  • Calculating with Time
  • Classroom Library
  • Grade Book
  • Attendance Records
  • Lesson Plan Sheets
  • Assign Book Reports in Random Sequence
  • Randomly Call on a Student
  • Tracking Student Information
  • Student Mailing Lists
  • Sort Class List by First Name
  • Reporting Long Term Test Results
  • Reading Grade Level Test Results
  • Tracking Proficiency
  • Creating Checklists
  • Requisition Forms
  • Printing Grid Paper
  • Creating Math Exercise Sheets
  • Homework Checker
  • Recording Rubric Data
  • Organizing Vocabulary Lists
  • Reading Journal
  • Demonstrating Fractions with Pie Charts
  • Presenting Survey Results with Bar Charts

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Downloadable Sample Files!

All 25 applications discussed in the book can be accessed from the website shown on page 1. You can instantly make use of the application in your classroom or adapt it as necessary to meet the needs of your classroom..

Product Details
Paperback: 241 Pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 8.5" x 11" x 18mm
Publisher: Holy Macro!; ISBN 1-932802-11-8 (Jan 2006)
Price: $24.95

Click here to order the book!

This book is available as a downloadable e-book.
Publisher: Holy Macro!
Price: $19.95
Click here to order the e-book!

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