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Amber MacArthur, Bill Jelen, Leo LaPorte, Andy Walker on the set of Call for Help on TechTV Canada.

The book shown in this show is Learn Excel from MrExcel.

Sometimes you need a break from work. There are a whole series of great games for Excel. The first game on the show is a simple craps simulation. This is a really basic game. It uses the Dice Tip and then you follow the instructions from this chapter of Learn Excel from MrExcel.

Next, is a great 3D-Tic Tac Toe game where you play against the computer. You can download this game from this page.

This is an Excel-based simulation of the game of Life. In each generation, a cell lives if exactly 2 or 3 of its neighbors are alive. With fewer cells, the cell dies of boredom. With more cells, the cell dies of overcrowding. Scientists have discovered all sorts of cool patterns that you can use here. You can download this game from this page.

There are several varieties of the classic game of Snake available. You can download this game from this page.

This version of Mastermind uses the digits from 1-6 instead of 6 colored pegs. You make a guess and the computer indicates if you have the right digit in the right location (black peg) or the right digit, but in the wrong location (white pegs). You can download this game from this page.

Finally, the most amazing game is Excellon. This arcade game does not even look like Excel! You can download this game from this page.

For the BEST TV show on technology, check out Call for Help.

This tip was originally published on April 3, 2006 and aired on TechTV in Canada and Australia on April 3, 2006.

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