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Weight Loss Tracker in Excel - Success Made Easy


I first met Ron Martin when he was the motivational speaker at one of my client's sales meetings. Ron's easy method holds the key to success - whether you are trying to grow sales, build your business, improve your health. Ron is a visionary in retail selling. Having been a sales rep who had to go out and fight for every sale, he couldn't figure out retail. He would walk into a store and find the sales reps standing behind the counter. He wondered if this was where the term "waiting" on customers came about. Ron knew that if he could apply the techniques he learned in direct sales to Retail selling, he could dramatically improve sales, and it works.

After the sales meeting, I struck up a conversation with Ron. He is new to computers and has started using Excel to build tools to help customers implement his methods. Ron and I traded autographed copies of our books - Success Made Easy for Mr Excel ON EXCEL. That night, I read Success Made Easy. Wow - powerful stuff in an easy to read format. The book talked about how to improve your business and your attitude. He even had a paper-based method for tracking weight loss or exercise goals.

I knew that I could help Ron with his Excel models. The next day, we met again, and Ron showed me the various programs that he offered through Success Dynamics. There was the Morning Report for retail stores, the Sales Prospector for sales managers. I've been using the Sales Prospector since I met Ron and am very happy with the results. If you are a retailer or a sales manager, I highly recommend you contact Ron Martin for information on these products!

Ron Martin's method can also be applied to weight loss. Ten years ago, I paid a lot of cash to one of the national weight loss chains and lost 47 pounds. Slowly over the next 10 years, I had put these 47 pounds back on. Before meeting Ron, I had decided that I was ready to lose this weight again. Weight loss is not rocket science - you have to eat less and move more. Rather than paying money to the national chain, I started using Ron Martin's Weight Loss Boss. This simple-to-use $25 program in Excel will let you track your food intake, your exercise, and daily weight. A chart automatically updates showing the trend line to your goal for the month and how you are doing against the goal. For more information on weight loss, check out the weight loss spot.

Using the Weight Loss Boss and the techniques from Ron's book, I've lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks. I am feeling better. I have the big national TV debut on September 22nd with my appearance on TechTV and I know that I will be able to use the Weight Loss Boss to lose another 10-12 pounds before going on TV. I am confident that by Christmas, I will be back down to my ideal weight.

Through a partnership with Ron Martin, I can offer you a fantastic package. Get the Weight Loss Boss for Excel and a PDF e-book version of Success Made Easy for the low price of $39 by ordering the Weight Loss Bundle.

Easy to Use
The Weight Loss Boss is easy to use. Enter your starting weight and goal weight to begin. Excel will draw a chart showing the trend line through this month of the path you need to take to meet the goal. Each morning, enter your weight today, and what you ate yesterday and your exercise yesterday. The program will plot your weight vs. the goal. Statistics will tell you if you are on track and how much you have to lose today in order to meet your goal. New affirmations from Ron's book will appear daily.

Order Today
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Click here to order Weight Loss Boss workbook for Excel for $25


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