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Can I create a mixed bar/line chart in Excel 97?

Posted by Penfold on September 16, 2001 2:45 AM

Does anybody know of a way of creating a bar chart with a single line chart in the same chart that uses the same axis. I have tried creating both ranges as bars and then changing the chart type for the second range but doing this creates another set of axes and formats it in the wrong direction (left to right rather than up and down).

Surely there must be a way!

Posted by Jay on September 16, 2001 5:21 AM

Posted by Jay on September 16, 2001 5:31 AM

The previous message was a mistake (I pushed 'Enter' before I added the reply).

I'm not sure this is what yo want, but...

Assume the data for the X axis is in column A, the data for the bar chart is in column B and the line chart data is in column C.

Select the cells in columns A to C with the data you want to include in the chart.

Click on the Chart Wirard icon.

Select the "Custom Types" tab

Scroll down and select "Line - Column"

Select 'Next" and enter in the remaining information.

It will make a chart (with one Y axis) and two graphs; a bar graph with the data from column B, and a line graph with the data from column C.


Posted by Penfold on September 17, 2001 11:43 PM

This doesn't actually give me a bar chart though - it gives me a column chart. I need to have the bars horizontal rather than vertical due to the nature of the information I'm charting and the format of the page. What I want to do is precisely what you describe but rotated 90 degrees. But of course you can't rotate charts in Excel.

Oh how I loathe Excel charting.