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Chart from Pivot Table problem

Posted by DAS on October 12, 2001 2:15 PM

I have a pie chart produced from a simple pivot table with data in following format:

DATE:(drop down menu)
|Status|% of total|
A 25%
B 10%
C 40%
D 25%
Grand Total 100%

Problem: When I change the date with drop down menu, there is the possibilty that one of the status'(A,B,C OR D) won't be in the data set and this moves grand total up one row. Now grand total is included in pie chart. Tried taking grand total out of options, but then I get error message for %'s. I do not want Grand Total to show up in chart......HELP.

Posted by Don C on October 15, 2001 7:31 AM

When you create your pivot table there is an option to Show Items with no data. Click that checkbox and you pivot table will remain the same regardless of the values.