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Chart Questions

Posted by G Spedema on June 28, 2001 4:25 AM

I am having problems getting the type of chart that I'd like. I need to plot 2 sets of data with different scales on the horizontal axis so that they "overlap". I have 2 sets of data, with height being on the vertical axis, and weight & cost on the horizontal. Is there any way that I can plot these 2 sets so they overlap, and display their relative scales, while allowing the display of overlapping graphs?

Posted by Eric on June 28, 2001 8:00 AM

Secondary value axis

Excel does not allow two horizontal (X) axes, however, Excel does allow two Y (vertical) axes- use help (or clippy) and search for "second axis" for step by step instructions. You'd have to plot your data "Sideways" as compared to your description of what you want to plot though- hope that helps.