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Chart Range

Posted by Kristen on November 28, 2000 10:55 AM

I am TRYING to create scatter charts that have 2 red lines drawn in horizontally using the Draw tool to set a data range. For example I need have a PH balance chart and the readings “should” be between 8.8-9.5 so I drew a red line across the chart at the 8.8 mark and the 9.5 mark so that correct readings fall between the lines. I was wondering if there is any Macro or VBA script to insert these lines for me. Is this even POSSIBLE???? If not I think it should be a suggestion in future versions! Any information you can provide would be GREAT!
Thank you
Kristen Suttles

Posted by Ben O. on November 28, 2000 11:54 AM

Instead of using the draw tool to create the lines, you could include additional data series in your charts, where all of the Y values and 8.8 for one series, and 9.5 for the other.

Once your data has been plotted, right-click on the 8.8 data series and select Format Data Series. On the Pattens tab, change the Line setting from None to Custom, and select the color red and any other settings you want. Change the Marker setting to None. Press OK and that should give you a red line across the chart at the 8.8 mark. Do the same for the 9.5 data series.