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Chart Range

Posted by David on June 30, 2000 6:08 AM

Is there any way to use column number to provide a range?
All right now to explain that question.

When you change the range of a graph you need a range right?
well I have a Loop that searches for a number then i have the coordinates of the bottom left side of the range.
Then the opposite corner is a variable distance of rows up and one column over.
Are you following.

And the second stupid question is what is up with "mr. excel" This page takes way too long to load. I love to be able to look back over the old responses but maybe they could be on a separate page. Takes way too long to load and my computer is pretty fast.

Well Thanks for listening

Posted by David on July 02, 0100 11:04 PM

ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range(.Cells((Rownumber-Numbers), Columnnumb), .Cells(Rownumber, (Columnnumb + 1))), PlotBy _

Thanks anyway