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Charting arrays with zero values

Posted by Carlos Blanco on March 31, 2000 6:44 AM

I need to chart a formula array which contain zero values in the last rows.

I would like to chart only the cells that contain values different than zero.

Is there anyway to do it?


Posted by jimg on May 16, 2000 4:18 AM

i believe my problem is similar to carlos, my chart has months on X axis and percent on Y axis i am trying to chart from data with cells that are based on a formula. when the value is 0 or no data for the next month is available the chart's line goes to zero. this makes the chart look funny. i want all the months of the year to show but only the year to date data to show. i know if the cells are blank it looks ok but i don't want to manually update each month's cell