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Excel chart with 3 variables

Posted by Kris on February 06, 2001 1:04 PM

How do you set up the data for a 3 variable chart - is it possible to do? These are the variables,
1) departments
2) dates
3) shifts

I want the data to all appear in the same chart. I was trying to use the column chart showing the 3 shifts in one column, but how do you do it with 3 variables?

Posted by Kurt on February 07, 2001 10:00 AM

Hi Kris,

I've only used a three variable chart when one of he variables relates to the other one in terms of magnitude. For instance:

Department Revenue Goals
%Probability of Department achieving goals

With the variables above you can have the departments on the X axis the revenue goals on the Y axis as circles and the probability represented by the size of the circles.

YOu can find this type of chart in the custom section of Charts in Excel.

Hope that helps.