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Excel Graphs and the Web

Posted by Chris Adams on July 06, 2000 10:52 AM

This seems like an easy question, and will proabbly be laughed at, then answered in one line, but I was wondering if there was a way to make a graph on a web page get its data from an Excel spreadsheet that is saved over itself daily, so the graph is created "on-the-fly"? Thanx all!

Posted by Tim on October 18, 2000 4:15 PM

That's a good page,

Actually it looks like an example called from that site is even closer to what he is looking for. It updates at a set interval and copies a chart to a specified location.


Posted by Ryan on July 06, 0100 5:27 PM

If you check out this web page:
there is a file called that you can download. It shows you how to update a chart automatically. All that needs to be done after that is saving it as a webpage or whatever you need to do. Hope this helps