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gnatt charts y-axis' scale for hours?

Posted by espen on January 14, 2001 8:08 AM

I've downloaded j-walks gnatt chart, and entered my own information which is hours and not days. Then I need to change the formating to hours and not days, that's ok, but what kind of numbers should I use in the max and min scales? It's something like 1.634444 etc

Posted by Tim Francis-Wright on January 16, 2001 6:40 AM

Excel's time values are such that 0 is midnight
(of the first day), 0.5 is noon, and 1 is midnight
(of the second day).

I would start by using multiples of 0.125 (3 hours),
and use multiples of 0.0416666666 (1 hour) if
I had to.

Good luck!