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Posted by Jack on October 07, 2001 1:26 AM

Good one this: I am desperatly trying to get a single moving gif of a /US/British flag to be on my Excel page??
How can i do this, i can save excel into HTML so them inport the GIF but i do not wabt the folder to be there (that is all on one sheet so i can email it as single *.htm file not htm + folder as everyone gets confused.

Best i explaine why i want the US/British flag on my documents, well simpley look arroung the web the USA flag flys high and quite right as well of cause, Im from the UK and would love to have USA and UK on my docs send them as they go around the world people can add thier nations flag! just trying to do my bit i guess!

Posted by Mark O'Brien on October 08, 2001 12:25 PM

Fairly simple explanation, I hope.

Open you .gif using your web browser of choice. Right click on the image and select copy.
Activate Excel, paste the image.
Publish Worksheet as web page.

There's probably some "proper" way to do this in Excel, e.g. Insert|Image etc etc etc. But this works and it's fast.