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hatching below an x,y scatter plot

Posted by Mark on October 23, 2000 11:05 PM

Hi - can someone tell me the best way to add
hatching (patterns) below an x,y scatter plot
line? I have been drawing polygons for the
different areas below the lines and filling
them with patterns; however, if I change the line,
the pattern is then in the wrong place. Is there
a way to attach the pattern (polygon) to the line?

Posted by Ben O. on October 24, 2000 1:07 PM

My first thought was to group your trendline with the polygon, but after tyring to do it I see that it's not possible.

I think your best bet is to create a combo chart consisting of a XY scatter and an area chart on the same axis.

If you base your data for your area chart on your XY data, your area chart will change with your XY chart. The tough part will be getting data for your area chart to look like the trendline you want. I'm sure you can do it if you know what the formula for the trendline is.

Good luck,


Posted by Tim Francis-Wright on October 24, 2000 2:45 PM

Aaron Blood's website has an example of a stacked
area chart with a vertical line in it. I was able
to reset the X and Y ranges for the line series
to do what you need to do.
(broken link) ]

However, I haven't figured out how to add a line
to a stacked area chart. Perhaps Aaron (aka AB)
will take pity on us and lead everyone through the steps involved.

Posted by Ben O. on October 25, 2000 6:55 AM

You can add a line by selecting the data series you want to be a line, right-clicking on it and selecting Chart Type. The line on the spreadsheet you refer to is an XY Satter Data Connected by a Line, but you could also choose another type of chart. I think Mark will have to use an area chart, since that can be filled with a hatched pattern.