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Line - Column on 2 Axes, can column be stacked

Posted by Mike on January 30, 2002 2:49 PM

Under custom graphs in MS Excel 2000, one option is "Line - Column on 2 Axes". I know you can stack column graphs on a single axis but is there a way I can stack the column part of this graph and still keep the line aspect and the two axes. i.e a graph that instead of revenues for a column with budgeted revenues as a line could that column be broken into revenue1 stacked on revenue2 and keep the graph with two axes?

Posted by Bariloche on January 30, 2002 8:22 PM


Yes, you can create the style of graph that you want. Just create the "Line - Column on 2 Axes"-type graph and then modifiy it.

Select your three data series and insert a chart using the wizard. If Excel doesn't guess correctly which series should be columns and which should be the line (as was the case with mine) just right click on the chart series and go to "Format data series" and change things around. Once you get the series straightened out just right click on one of your column series and select "Chart type..." and change it to a stacked column. If I understood your request correctly this should be what you want.

have fun