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Posted by Lukas Weder on January 16, 2002 3:33 PM

I have a lot of different charts on different worksheets (in the same file). I have to write some explanations for these charts... I want to write them down on a new worksheet, so it would be nice if at the end of each explanation there would be a little link (ex. "go to chart") which takes me directly to the explained chart (or a cell next to the chart...).

Thank you!

Lukas Weder

Posted by Richard S on January 16, 2002 4:00 PM


In a cell next to your text, if you type "Go to Chart", then right click on that cell, and select Hyperlink. On the sceen that comes up there is an option called Bookmark. Click on that and a list of all sheets in the workbook appears. Select the sheet you want, and choose a cell reference behind the chart.