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Moving charts to another sheet

Posted by Bill on October 14, 1999 4:23 PM

You people are fantastic.
I have been teaching myself Excel,(with help, of course), but there are some roadblocks I run into. This is one. I built a sheet for my brother, and made a fundamental mistake. I didn't think ahead. I put a couple of charts and graphs in the same sheet as the data...I never figured he'd need over a hundred entries. So I thought I could just move the charts to sheet 2. I cut and pasted it. So of course all my cell references are out of whack. Dumb. It had been so long since I made it, I was writing down formula's and cell references when I thought "there must be an easier way". I've learned, thanks to Chris and Ivan, there usually is. Am I wrong? If I am, I can still hack it out, and learn my lesson. PLAN ahead.

Posted by Chris on October 15, 1999 6:00 AM


You are right that there is almost always a better way of doing something. And as Ivan proved earlier this week, I don't always know the best way.

In Excel 97, if you right click on a chart, one of the options is "Location." Here you can move the chart to any sheet in the workbook while maintaining the integrity of the references. You can even make the chart its own sheet if you like.

I hope that gives you what you need.


Posted by Ivan Moala on October 19, 1999 3:27 AM

You should have been able to cut & copy your charts to any sheet without the need to re referencing your original data ?
I'm unsue what has happened ?
Did you try using the Chart Wizard?
Marking another chart would be simply a matter
of using the chart wizard / selecting your data
and dragging and dropping the data over the chart.