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need help entering times into a chart

Posted by Toni on May 31, 2001 12:28 AM

I'm trying to make a chart that shows the lengths of certain songs. The only problem is that the chart wizard doesnt seem to recognize the time format of the numbers (because of the colon, perhaps?) I then tried to make the chart from scratch but got totally confused. If someone could please help me out, I'd really appreciate it. If someone thinks they can help me, I can create and send a graphic of what I kinda want the finished chart to look like, if that will help. Thanks, Toni.

Posted by Mark W. on May 31, 2001 7:36 AM

Toni, post some sample data, and describe the
chart that you want.

Posted by Toni on May 31, 2001 5:04 PM

OK, I uploaded a Word document with the data and a .gif of what I want the chart to look like. If you or anyone else could go take a look at it and tell me how to make the chart in Excel, I'd owe you a kidney or something! Here is the file:


Posted by Mark W. on June 01, 2001 8:54 AM

Toni, I looked at your sample data. Here's a
simplier data set that illustrates my approach...

Let's assume that A1:B5 contains...


I formatted column B using the elapsed time
format... [mm]:ss

The average time values should be entered as
0:5:43, 0:6:3, etc.

The chart itself is created by selecting cells
A1:B5, choosing the Insert | Chart... menu commmand,
choosing the 1st Column Chart subtype at Step 1 of
4, pressing the "Series in" Rows radio button at
Step 2 of 4 and then pressing [ Finish ].

Now for some refinements...

Right-click the Y-axis and choose the Format Axis...
command, click on the Scale tab, enter the value,
.0010416667, into the "Major unit" field, and press
[ OK ]. This sets the Y-axis to 1 1/2 minute

Finally, right-click on any of the displayed chart
columns, choose the Format Data Series... command,
click the Options tab, change the "Gap width"
to 0, and press [ OK ]. Now the only thing left
to do is add your Chart title.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Posted by Toni on June 01, 2001 7:25 PM

Thanks a Million!!!!

That really helped!!! Thank you sooooo much!