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using 3d-references in a pie chart

Posted by steve on January 23, 2002 11:58 AM

Ok, so i have this budget that consists of 4 worksheets. one worksheet for 3 different departments (sales, marketing, HR) and one sheet that is a summary of the three, where the three different totals are added together. I want to make a pie chart showing what percentage each department's budget is of the whole. each department's total is on its respective worksheet and the company total (of the three departments) is on the summary worksheet. how do i specify these data ranges in the chart?

Posted by Jacob on January 23, 2002 12:50 PM


The easiest way would be to consolidate the data onto one of the sheets somewhere out of view then have the chart look there for the data. When I need to do this I make a sheet ("Charts") and set the visible property to false so noone can access it but the charts can get the info they need.