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Allowing a user to input text and then reflect the change on a worksheet.

Posted by Kurt on July 24, 2000 11:10 AM

Hello again Ryan!!

How would I let a user change the text in a text
box and if they change it reflect the changes in
a worksheet?

Once again thanks for the quick respone and I
profusely apologize for the name blitz oh Master
San (aka Ryan)!!!



Posted by Ryan on July 24, 0100 11:54 AM

Is the textbox on a sheet or on a userform? If it is on a sheet then you can have the text box linked to a cell. You can select the cell from the properties of the text box, there is a selection named LinkedCell ( i think that is the name). If it is on a userform you'll have to code for the change on the sheet. Something like this:

Sub TextBox1_Change
Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Value = TextBox1.Text
End Sub

I think those should do it. Hope it works


Posted by Kurt on July 24, 0100 12:07 PM

Hello Ryan,

That works great for passing text, but I need to
be able to have the user change it and store it.

In other words the user can type in a number and
then that number is passed on to a designated area
in the worksheet, but it can be several cells.



Posted by Ryan on July 24, 0100 12:38 PM


Don't know what you need done, try to give me some more details so I know what's going on. Thanks