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Combo Boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh

Posted by Scooter on January 26, 2001 5:32 PM

Is there a way to edit the text in my combo box? I have created one using the Forms toolbar. I have a long list in the input range, and it would be nice to be able to type the first letter or 2 of the word instead of scrolling down to find it.

Posted by Dan on January 27, 2001 4:43 AM


One way of solving your problem would be to use the combo box from the control toolbox toolbar, not the forms toolbar. If you add one of one of these combo boxes to your worksheet, right click it and pull up its properties box you can enter your input range in the ListFillRange property. You must also make sure that the MatchEntry property is set to MatchEntryComplete.

Hope this helps,