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ComboBox Simple Question I hope

Posted by Pillsbury DoughBoy on July 02, 2000 11:01 PM

How do I make the text bigger in a combo box. I am using excel not vba to create it does that make a difference?

Posted by dboy on July 06, 0100 1:05 AM

Re: Font

I can make the combo box but how do i fill it with the possible values and select the cell it is linked to.

Posted by dboy on July 06, 0100 1:05 AM

Re: Font

and don't you sleep

Posted by Ivan Moala on July 03, 0100 1:18 AM

There are 2 types of controls in Excel
The controls available from
1) Forms Toolbar
2) Control Toolbox

The 1st one you cannot cahnge the Text font
The 2nd one you can, via right click then
select properties.
In the properties list look for Font and change
it here.

If your Control toolbox is not visible then
select it via right clicking anywhere on your
commandbar and select Customise.
In the dialog box select ToolBars tab and
look for the Control Toolbox.



Posted by Newby on July 06, 0100 7:07 AM


i'm not good in english..but i try..
first u have to use the combobox from
the control toolbox and from the form.
do u get in..
and second while u r in design mode,
via clicking right, u will find properties.
in properties, u will find the linked cell
n the list data..sorry..if u not u/stand.i'm just
try to help.sorry for my poor english

Posted by dboy on July 05, 0100 9:57 PM


I can make that one but not sure how to set it up

Posted by Ivan Moala on July 05, 0100 10:10 PM

Re: Font

Which part of the setup are you not sure of ??
Have you got the combobox from the Toolbox ??
Please advise.