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Font sizes for Worksheet dropdowns and Combo-boxes

Posted by Brenda on March 07, 2000 7:21 PM

When I add a combo-box to a worksheet, the font size is standard. If I use the Format Control settings, it doesn't include options for the font.

Can anyone tell me how I can (a) change the font size or (b) add a combo-box to a spreadsheet that has all the features of the ones in the Userforms??

Thanks!! :)


Posted by Ivan Moala on March 08, 2000 12:39 AM

Excel supports two types of controls:
ActiveX Controls and Excel Controls.
The ones you talk of are the Excel controls
available from the Forms tool bar, these controls
offer little in the way of propeties which you
can change. You are better off using the ActiveX
controls avail from the Control Toolbox, thes will
give you the properties you wish to alter.


Posted by Brenda on March 08, 2000 2:12 PM

Thanks, Ivan - you're a star!!

By the way, it didn't appear that there were any properties for increasing the size of a check box within the check box object. The text font can be changed, but I can not make the actual check box larger. Any ideas?

Posted by Ivan Moala on March 08, 2000 10:23 PM

I don't think you can make the actual CHECKBOX
larger ???