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How can I create a list item?

Posted by Barry on April 20, 2000 7:09 AM

Hi there,

For a project I'am working on I need to create a Pulldown list. For example:

How do I create this list and how can I implement a listbox which contains these values?

Many thanks

Posted by ben on April 20, 2000 8:51 AM

You can do something like that using Validation on the data menu:
Settings tab, choose Allow List
then in the source box type Denmark, Sweden, Norway (just like that with commas and all) and you're there.

Posted by Barry on April 21, 2000 1:15 AM

Thanks a whole lot Ben. That's what I wanted. Is it possible to have the listbox permantly visible? The box is only shown when I select the cell which contains the list.

Posted by Celia on April 22, 2000 1:54 AM

You might find what you want at
under CoolBox VBA.xls

Posted by Barry on April 25, 2000 6:46 AM

Thanks Celia,

However, it is not what I was looking for.
What I'm looking for is something like a validation list. However, a validation list only shows the list box when the cell is active. I'm looking for a listbox just like the Validation list but which is visible at all times.


Posted by Ivan Moala on April 25, 2000 10:28 PM

What you are after is either the
1) the forms Combobox avail from
your commandbars "Forms" or
2) the ActiveX Combobox available from
your commandbars Control tollbox

Have a look via right clicking the commandbar
See online help.