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List box only showing one column

Posted by Tam on July 05, 2000 7:14 AM


I'm not sure if anybody can help me.

I have a list box, which should contain a list of all Worksheets in the workbook.
This is linked to the "Properties Listfillrange" from [Insert > Name > Define].

The list of sheets is split into 2 Columns (A4:B21).

The problem is that the List box will not show Column B. It does show Column A.

At present the only way around this is to make the list into 1 Column which I don't want it to do or create another List box - again I don't want to do.

Is there a way around this ...please.



Posted by Ivan Moala on July 08, 0100 5:34 AM

In the ListBox properties
Change the ColumnCount to 2.
The default is 1.
This should then show your defined name range.
Note: also have a look at the columnwidths to
get it to the proper width just input some settings
eg.25,30 this will show up as Pts.


Posted by Ryan on July 05, 0100 8:42 AM

What you'll need to do is write code that cycles through your list range and add's each item to the listbox. If the listbox is added when the workbook is open you'll need to put it in a workbook_open procedure in ThisWorkbook. If you need some more help let me know!