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Number of Pages on a MultiPage Control

Posted by JAF on April 19, 2000 2:42 AM

I have 4 pieces of VBA code (each of which performs a different function) that I want to put onto a single user form using a MultiPage Control for each piece of code.

By default, the MultiPage is created with 2 pages and I can't figure out how to add any additional pages.



Posted by Ivan Moala on April 19, 2000 2:52 AM

Right click on the Multipage for user selected options
including add page.


Posted by JAF on April 19, 2000 2:55 AM

Thanks for the response Ivan - I'd just worked out how to do it (it was the one thing I hadn't tried!) and came back to post a "don't bother" message only to find your reply.

Do I feel silly or what!!!