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putting chosen items from one listbox into two columns

Posted by Asta Beason on May 29, 2001 12:03 PM

In sheet 2 I have a list in two columns. Column 1 contains numbers and column 2 contains text.

In sheet 1 I use a userform in which I have a listbox where I show number+text from sheet 2.
If I chose one item in the listbox I will get both number and text in the same column. I would like to get it into two columns just as in sheet 2.


Posted by Sean on May 30, 2001 5:23 AM

Hi Asta,

I am not exactly sure how you get the 2 lists combined, however, I can see 2 ways of achieving what you are trying to do...

1 If you are prepared to have multiple List Boxes, You could have the 1st box liked with the combined selection. The second List box contains just the numbers as the range, the third list box contains just the text as the range, All Three List boxes should reference the same linked cell. Thereby a change on one list box will change the other 2. (The other list boxes do not have to be on the user form)

2. You could you take the value from the combined box and break it down using string functions into the two seperate fields...

I know this may not be very clear but I do not exactly understand your question. If the above does not help, and you need any more help could you also provide some additional information:
Sample of the Data,
What you are using form for
What you are doing with the listbox, & values from it...


Posted by zen on May 30, 2001 8:13 AM

is the listbox (or can it be) on the sheet you want the output to be????