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Cell has an arrow!

Posted by Pedro Pereira on March 11, 2000 4:45 PM

I have a friends sheet, on top in one of the
cells there's a little arrow pointing down!
When I click there I get a list of all that's
under that cell.
Something like the option PICK FROM LIST, but
this one's always there! DO you know what I mean?
How can I do that? Anyone? Thanks, and sory about
my english.

Posted by Celia on March 12, 2000 4:39 PM

Go to Data/Filter/Auto Filter and the secret will be revealed.
Further revelations can be found by looking up Filter in the Help file.

Posted by Pedro Pereira on March 13, 2000 1:25 AM

Thanks Celia :-)
I think I had very little sleep when I posted this question :-)
Thanks again