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Collecting Information

Posted by Duane Kennerson on November 02, 2001 12:39 PM

I have a range that is 6 columns wide by 1000 rows. It contains information on several employees by day so one employee could be in the range several times depending on if they did work on that day or not.

The first column of the range contains the employee number and the following 5 rows contain their production information. I want to have a cell where someone could enter and employee number and only the information on that employee would be displayed from the range.

(i.e. if someone typed in employee # 29647, excel would look through the range and find all of the information for employee # 29647 and copy it to another area for further processing)

Is this a vlookup thing? Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance...

Posted by Juan Pablo on November 02, 2001 12:51 PM

Have you tried Pivot Tables with Employee number as Page field ? (NT)

Posted by GregC on November 02, 2001 12:57 PM


Highlight the Columns and go to DATA\Autofilter. This will allow you to filter the data by each column and you can copy the data and place it somewhere to do what you need to do to play with the data.

Hope that works.

Posted by Ken on November 02, 2001 2:56 PM

Hi Duane,

Vlookup would bring up the first instance of its lookup and not the remaining instances if they are repeated. Filtering is a good idea that they have given you.


Posted by Duane Kennerson on November 02, 2001 4:51 PM

Re: AutoFilter

Duh!!!!! Just what I was looking for. Thanks.