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Creating a custom Date format

Posted by Ben on July 09, 2001 5:17 AM

I have information coming in from a web query and the format that the data comes in is Jul0901, meaning July 9, 2001. The Month is always the first three letters of the month, then the date, and then the last two digits of the year. Is there any way I can specify excel to interpret this data as a date, not just as a string? Thanks

Posted by Ben O. on July 09, 2001 7:14 AM

Select the entire column that contains your dates. From the data menu, select Text to Columns. This will start the data import wizard. You can skip right past the first two steps of the wizard--they're only for if you want to parse your data across columns. On the third step, choose date, and then MDY. Hit OK and Excel should now recognize your values in that column as Date/Time values.

-Ben O.