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drop down lists

Posted by Jim Brown on July 31, 2001 7:16 AM

I have set up a program to do home inspections. Each blank cell has several options for completion and I would like to be able to pick from a drop down list or list box so that I can point and click a choice. I am not very familiar with Excel, other than simple operations. Can you help me set up these boxes.

Posted by Alix on July 31, 2001 7:29 AM

Hi Jim

Your best bet is probably data validation

To use this technique, set up a list of values with your options in somewhere on the spreadsheet (say in cells G1:G10)

Select the cell or cells in which you require the drop-down with this list.

Select the menu item Data, select Validation
In the dialogue box go to the Allow option and choose List
In the Source box enter G1:G10
(or whatever your range of values is)
Ensure the In-Cell Dropdown box is checked
Click OK

This will allow the user to use a dropdown to select only the values you specified in your list.

If you have more than one list of options, repeat the technique for each cell where required

Hope this helps