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excel prob...

Posted by mamata on April 18, 2000 8:17 AM

pls tell me the use of table option comes under data menu using excel 97

Posted by Sherlock on April 18, 2000 8:56 AM

Table option from Data menu provides a way to view the results of different values in a table by using a single formula as reference.By changing a value in a row or column, results in the table will also change.

For Ex:- To calculate the product of a range of cells in a row or column and display the results in a table, follow the steps given below:

1. Type any numeric values in any two cells, A1 and A2.
2. Click on a cell other than A1 and A2 to enter a formula, C2.
3. Enter =A1*A2 in C2. Now, select a cell other than A1, A2, and C2. (in our case, C5). Press Enter.
4. Mark the cells from C2 to G15.
5. Select Data --> Table. Table Dialog box will be displayed.
5. Enter A1 in the option Row Input Cell.
6. Enter A2 in the option Column Input Cell. (You can also set A2 as row and A1 as Column)
7. Click OK. Marked ranged of cells will be displayed as zeroes.
8. Now, Enter a numeric value in the cells D2 to G2 and C3 to C15.

Notice that the products of those cells will be displayed in the Table.

Hope this proves useful :-)